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Tbh I find Playstation & Xbox gamers to be mainly the same because of how similar those two platforms are in terms of games,graphics,and online services. However, I tend to notice more Xbox owners to be on the more casual side of gaming, meaning they have more of the type of crowd that play Sport games like Madden or NBA2K and nothing else, casual Xbox players might play the casual yearly shooter multiplats like COD but nothing else as they don't really pay attention to any other game outside of of the yearly sport or Shooter games.
-PS4 definitely has that "casual sport and shooter" gamer crowd as well, but Playstation gamers are far more likely to enjoy more big and deep games like RPGs and Action Adventure games, and the amount of developers willing to make games like that on the PS4 help build more of a RPG and Action adventure crowd on the PS4. PS4 has more gamers usually more into story mode games and pay more attention on what's going on around the video game industry.

-However, Nintendo gamers are by far the most different from anyone, they still highly value local multiplayer experiences and enjoy games that are imaginative and games that are just plain fun and appealing to play. They usually don't care much about graphics or story and Nintendo-only owners usually don't care about Multi-plats and only care about Nintendo games. Nintendo gamers, especially with the Switch is filled with a variety of different age and gender groups from casual Kids to even hardcore Adults as Nintendo makes it a priority to appeal to everyone with their games.