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Just curious. How different do you think a general gamer of each console is compared to the others?

I'm mostly a Nintendo consumer since DS and I do realize I don't know as much about games as some of my friends who own PS4 or Xbox One. Across internet I mostly talk about Nintendo owners only because... well, they are the only ones that I have something in common to discuss, so I can only tell my experience with other Nintendo owners and really can't say anything about Sony and Microsoft consumers

In general I feel like Nintendo web community is very friendly, that's even more true for newbies like myself. They can be toxic sometimes, but overall I find them pretty positive and supportive to most of the products they buy. However they are also very biased like... really and very attached to their exclusives/franchises that's why Nintendo flagship franchises sells so well. I often wonder how many Nintendo gamers are actual fans of the company rather than fans of their products lol 

In general I feel that the common Nintendo gamer always want two things: Adventure and fun. Even if the graphics aren't that good, neither the gameplay is groundbreaking of the story lacks depth, the general Nintendo fan seems to like anything as long it's fun enough (which is kind of the main reason why everybody likes to play games, isn't it?)

So what's your thoughts? Am I over-generalizing or do you think is there some truth to what I say?