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My experience:

-Wavebird: AA Batteries lasted forever. I was cool with just having a wireless controller that worked.

-PS2 Logitech Wireless: same as Wavebird. It was cool.

-Xbox 360: Bought a charge and play kit. It was cool but stopped working after a few years. Went to rechargeable batteries, instead.

-Wii; Same as Xbox. Purchased a separate battery pack. Worked great. Died after a few years. I've been using rechargeable batteries ever since.

-PS3: Pretty happy with the battery on the regular controller. Console needed to be about to charge it when the system was powered down. Too many times when I wanted to play but the battery was dead.

-PS Move: I WISH there was some other option. Can't use it plugged into the console like most other consoles. 2/3 of my move controllers won't hold a charge at all. Two of which were purchased in 2017 with the PSVR.

-Wii U Game Pad: I keep it on the charger whenever not in use. Also purchased an extra power cable to play when it eventually died. Not sure if AA batteries would be better or worse.

-PS4: Internal battery is perfectly fine so far. Battery life could be better but it wouldn't make much difference.

-Xbox One: I'm cool with AA batteries. They last FOREVER. I keep a few rechargeable batteries plugged in at all times. No inconvenience. Early on, I did buy a charging kit and it instantly screwed up the controller.

-Wii/Wii U/Switch Pro controllers: All are excellent. Super long battery lives. No problems years after purchase.

Twitter: @d21lewis