CGI-Quality said:
chakkra said:

Oh, I'm almost %100 sure that it is false. But the thing with rumors is that there have been some rare cases when they have actually ended up being true. So I ask you, what is it about this particular rumor that makes it totally impossible in your eyes?

I didn't say impossible, but like the Sony rumor, it doesn't make sense. In fact, this rumor had even less attention than that one. Buying the company would be one thing. Randomly buying properties? Nope.

A better question, what makes this rumor any stronger than this one? The answer should be easy, and it was debunked after the one in the OP.

Well I’d say whoever would be bought by Xbox would have a stigma attached. The developer would be a laughing stock in their country making games just for Xbox.

And why do that when Konamis game developing potential took a nosedive? They are just a gambling machine company that happens to own 3 iconic game IPs now. Thats why its at the very least more plausible then your average poorly written April fools joke. Still fun regardless to wonder just how Ms gonna enter the Japanese developer market.  

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