DonFerrari said:
Pemalite said:

The controller is in the console itself. the memory cards are just a grouping of NAND that interfaces with the onboard controller.

It saves on costs that way... As you will only need a single controller for all your memory cards rather than all your memory cards having a controller.

Not sure I get what you are saying with the PS5?

I'm saying that PS5 accepts shelf SSD that have controlers so the controller of PS5 takes overhead of the process, reason why they need more than 5.5Gb/s from the external SSD.

The question would be if Sony or any other company would make SSDs that work only on PS5 (just the nand and connection without any controller) and save costs.


You are putting the PS5's controller to far away from the NAND then... Which increases latency and signal attenuation, consoles are an RF noisy environment.

drkohler said:
Pemalite said:

Sony isn't in the game of designing processing chips from scratch anymore.

And when you wake up Wednesday there will be Sony Electronics Corporation.

Sony Electronics Corporation will incorporate the three businesses that comprise its Electronics Products & Solutions (“EP&S”) segment: Imaging, Home Entertainment, Mobile, all of which deal with designing and making chips from scratch. So it is not inconceivable at all the ssd controller could have been designed (almost) entirely in-house.

Imaging chips isn't the same as building and designing a processor from scratch to control data transfers, perform garbage collection, encryption, handle caching, error detection, error correction, bad block mapping, read scrubbing, wear leveling, compression, decompression, data striping, interleaving and more.

Sony is often leveraging I.P from other companies like ARM to build semi-custom designs... Companies like Sandforce have spent years of R&D building their controllers to the level they are today, someone like Sony or Microsoft isn't just walking in on their first attempt in just a year or two and beating the snot out of everyone.

Plus imaging chips/camera sensors is one of the few success stories Sony has on this front as they get design wins for a large portion of the phone industry, there is a return on investment... A large one.

I stand by that Sony isn't in the game of building processors from scratch anymore, they started to exit that game years ago, even the Playstation 3's Cell wasn't a Sony design.

If you have the evidence that Sony built it's SSD controller from scratch, then feel free to provide... Otherwise it's just conjecture, it doesn't make sense for them to do it... When the rest of the console isn't a Sony design anyway, it was all done in partnership with other companies.

Even the assembly of the console itself is likely to be done in a non-Sony factory, more likely a Foxconn one.

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