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Spindel said:

In before people getting upset over silly things like nerfed boob physics

You think that's silly? How about people getting upset that Princess Peach needs to be saved again or that Princess Kitana's clothing slightly reveals her breas- CENSOR THAT SHIT! 

sundin13 said:

I don't think this is PC culture running rampant and destroying muh gaems, it is just people asking for better written stories which is an entirely natural criticism and expectation...

No, they aren't asking for a better written story they just don't like Homosexuals to be portrayed in a slightly negative tone even if it was meant as a joke not meant to hurt anybody. Would you tell a stand up comedian that he can't make race related jokes? Or only if it's about White people?

While criticism is valid, expecting the game to change it's content because you feel like it, is PC culture running rampant.

Shiken said:

 I do not agree with certain versions being censored over other simply because over sensitive people might get "offended".

I agree, unfortunately we western gamers might never get the true version of Snatchers, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Xenoblade Chronicles X or Fire Emblem Fates and other games i can't think of right now.

Shadow1980 said:
Not necessarily.

I do think we could use more games with progressive-minded viewpoints in the stories, with better representation among lead protagonists. More women. More non-whites. More LGBT people. And, as TV Tropes would put it, some anvils need to be dropped.

I agree we could use some NEW GAMES that feature more non-whites, lgbt and female leads with a purpose to the story of the game. Not adding these traits to famous videogames that have no need for any of it other than to cater to people who don't like the game in the first place.

Jpcc86 said:

people were turned off by Horizon at first because the MC was female and they "couldnt relate" and then the game turned out to be fantastic. Either way, I rather games have moral/political commentary than to just be plain moronic like Duke Nukem. But thats me, moronic games like that have an audience as well. 

Strange that people would be turned off by Horizon when we have female gaming leads since forever, it's not anything new.

Games that are not PC or "plain moronic" like you'd call them definitely have their audience because gamers first and foremost generally don't care for real life social politics in their games which is why Duke Nukem used to be so succesful for being a good game with funny writing, Duke Nukem didn't turn me into a sexist or see women as sex objects i just took them as a joke as anyone who played the game should.

sundin13 said:
Snoorlax said:

Actually, i'm in for a fair market. But either way i don't see any PC actually buying and streaming these games online because they really don't give a damn about it look at how terrible the Star Wars movies have performed over the years? Did the forced changes by the free market work? Didn't think so.

MK11 was the fifth best selling game of 2019. Fire Emblem Three Houses is the best selling game in the franchise. RE5 was the best selling game in the series when it released.  I'd say that their appeals to the free market are doing just fine.

But don't worry comrade. If you ever want to seize the means of production to distribute games to the proletariat, hit me up.

Oh really? Yeah let's take a look at Mk11's metacritic user score

3.3 doesn't sound very positive now does it? It's filled with microtransactions and pc'd MK something which fans have never asked for in their MK game. Here you can read the comments where fans complain about the politics in Mk11

Resident Evil 5 came out during a time were the WOKE warriors had not taken over the western gaming industry yet, even so RE 5 is considered among the weaker RE games you'd know this if you're familiar with the series. Luckily, Capcom is Japanese and managed to avoid some of the wokeness with some of their latest games.

Last edited by Snoorlax - on 31 March 2020