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CaptainExplosion said:
curl-6 said:

- FDA okays blood plasma antibody treatment for COVID-19

- New research shows Earth's ozone layer is continuing to recover

- Preventative anti-HIV drug to be made fully available in the UK next month

- Pollution levels across Europe and Asia drop massively due to reduced traffic and factory operations

- China bans the consumption of wild animals

- 101 year old survivor of the Spanish Flu pandemic beats Coronavirus too

I didn't think the ozone layer could recover, and that 101-year-old man is a badass.

Well, when you take measures to prevent the destruction of the environment, as we did by banning the chemicals that were destroying the ozone, the planet is fairly good at mending itself. We could fix almost all of today's environmental problems too, if we just made the necessary effort. The ozone's recovery shows we can do it when we try, and to me that's cause for hope.

And indeed he is. 

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