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BraLoD said:
curl-6 said:

The usual argument leveled against the 90s is that it's "just nostalgia" that makes it so popular, but I don't think that really holds up, since if that was the case, we'd surely see a lot more votes for the 80s.

It simply was the best.

It got the best from 4th and 5th gens, which means the the best 2D stuff from Sega and Nintendo and the best and most RPGs ever.

And not only JRPGs which I'm completely biased for, it had both the best JRPG (LoD) and the best WRPG (Diablo) ever.

The only downside from the 90s is that Disgaea only started after it, aside of that its perfection.

No wonder 90s Remakes are so freaking sought for.

To me 80s is easily the weakest decade (and Master System is pure love to me, also being my childhood system), 2010s was great and 2000s awesome.

But the 90s... damn.

Yeah unless count the 70s, I consider the 80s the weakest decade too.

A lot of pioneering work was done then, but as a result I feel games from this era mostly feel very rough and unrefined in terms of gameplay and are generally a frustrating chore to play today.

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