Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

My impression from what I see is that the proprietary device for MS doesn't have a controller or anything to save on cost, it will only have chip, package and the connector, everything else will use what is already in the console.

Similar to how Sony will "highjack" the controller of the external SDD with the PS5 controller overhead.

The controller is in the console itself. the memory cards are just a grouping of NAND that interfaces with the onboard controller.

It saves on costs that way... As you will only need a single controller for all your memory cards rather than all your memory cards having a controller.

Not sure I get what you are saying with the PS5?

I'm saying that PS5 accepts shelf SSD that have controlers so the controller of PS5 takes overhead of the process, reason why they need more than 5.5Gb/s from the external SSD.

The question would be if Sony or any other company would make SSDs that work only on PS5 (just the nand and connection without any controller) and save costs.

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