Okay Teequz, after reading your last post, it sounds like we mostly just talking past each other.
Also ofc the economy matters, and this wont go on forever.
So naturally there comes a point, where you have to ask weather its time to open things back up.

We're still not anywhere close to that point though.

I cant find it now, but I think yesterday or day before, I read a article about how they expect GDP (Gross domestic product?) in denmark
to drop like 1,5% pr month, we stay in full lockdown.

Job losses havnt been too bad, because of the state covering alot of the workers wages.
Hopefully a few months down the line, when things to back to a more normal state, the cost to jobs hasnt been that drastic.

"To give you a concrete answer, heart disease and cancer do."

I just checked... your right in the US, Heat diseases kill like 1700 people each day (its rated #1 cause in the US).
Its crazy that it actually kills 3 times as many as are currently dieing to the virus.

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