drkohler said:
Pemalite said:

The controller is in the console itself. the memory cards are just a grouping of NAND that interfaces with the onboard controller.
It saves on costs that way... As you will only need a single controller for all your memory cards rather than all your memory cards having a controller.

Pretty much this. I don't know why people say the PS5 ssd solution is "so expensive". We basically have 12 512GBit NAND chips and a proprietary on-board controller. Depending on how proprietary the controller actually is, there could be almost zero royalties to be paid. (Sony having basically reeinvented the wheel). Whenever you use a stock ssd controller, there are boatloads of royalties involved.

I wonder though if you can just add another mass grave of NAND-chips to the internal solution and call it a day, or if you need an ssd with a controller. If it's just a bunch of chips, it has to be made by Sony itself (I don't think anyone else is going to do it, no value in it) but would be "dirt cheap" compared to any off-the-shelf solution.

The SSD controller was likely built in conjunction with another manufacturer... And likely leverages cross-licensing patents.
Sony isn't in the game of designing processing chips from scratch anymore.

And yes, you can double the number of NAND chips and have two chips on each memory interface, bandwidth won't increase, but capacity will double.

Sony's solution is "premium" no doubt about it and is costlier than other implementations, but the reward is significantly higher bandwidth... So in order to reduce costs, they reduced capacities.

EricHiggin said:

Well the MS/XBSX solution is tiny. Really tiny. I don't see why it couldn't be made the size of a typical SSD 2280 stick. If they don't want it sticking out of the console too much, just make the slot deeper. It would still easily fit in your pocket, and wouldn't get lost as easily. The other option would be to make a proprietary 2280 type stick, that's still internal and as cheap as possible, without the external features. Which still wouldn't be "cheap".

Back then you typically had little option to add third party devices for certain aspects of the console, so you had to buy their product. As long as third party external devices can be plugged into the rear USB 3.? port, that's going to be the go to option for most, even if they split the price difference and get an external SSD. I have a hard time believing that MS won't subsidize those cards to some degree because otherwise they probably won't sell that many. $500 for XBSX and even just $79 for a 1TB SSD expansion card seems nuts, let alone higher yet.

How much advancement will be made using existing hardware though other than when a potential upgrade comes along? Not much was done with storage this gen, even with SSD's being available, though they did help speed things up a little bit. Will MS bother since PS nor MS did last gen? Faster wasn't really a great point on my part now that I think more about it, for either company, other than that PS5 needs a min speed third party NVMe. As for cheaper and larger storage, they both will be able to benefit from that over time, I just see PS5 having the advantage as nothing will be proprietary and won't have a SNY 'tax' on it.


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