I liked P5 a lot but it's not even the best Persona game. P4 Golden is. I also liked TMS more than P5 and again I liked P5 a lot. Once you get past the slick presentation. The game has issues. Dungeons with the stealth were kinda jank IMO. Should have taken more notes about how TMS did dungeons as those felt like the proper evolution from 4. length. P5 had bad pacing and went on way way way too long. It should have ended 15-20 hours before it did. I love the style,I love the music. I liked the combat and characters. Story felt somewhat weak tho. P3 and P4 were much better in this regard. I have the CE of P5 vanilla but maybe one day way down the line I might get Royal. Just I have played the base game. I also played many games that fill the need when in a Persona mood.

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