Intrinsic said:
I don't think this should be allowed. Or that Nintendo should be able to do this.

This is like buying a digital sketchbook, in which you can draw and share anything. Your work or creation is not monetized, you aren't selling it. But Nintendo ends up having a problem because you decided to share the artwork of one of their character that you made.

Except it is literally not their work.  It is Nintendo's design and IP.  That is the whole point.  

And Dreams isn't free.  A major selling point is playing the creation the players create.  And players are creating designs based on Nintendo's IP.  Nintendo is legally correct on this one.  The courts don't care what random people on the internet think/feel.  There is a reason Sony is assisting Nintendo on this.  

Do I personally think Nintendo overreacts?  Sure.  But they are within their legal right.  I was excited about the fan remake of Chrono Trigger, but Square shut it down.  Square wasn't wrong to do so, it is their IP.    

And the idea of IP expiring after 10 years is still crazy to me, not directly aimed at you btw, but a general comment.  So I can start a soft drink company and brand it Coke or Pepsi?  Lol, yeah giant **** no.    

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 27 March 2020