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Don't quote me or at me again because it's hilarious how wrong you are but this is the hill you die on


"A remake is a production of a filmtelevision seriesvideo game, or similar form of entertainment that is based upon an earlier production. A remake tells the same story as the original but uses a different cast and may alter the theme or target audience.[1]"

"A video game remake is a video game closely adapted from an earlier title, usually for the purpose of modernizing a game for newer hardware and new audiences. Typically, a remake of such game software shares essentially its title, fundamental gameplay concepts, and core story elements with the original. Remakes are often made by the original developer or copyright holder, although some are made by the fan community. If created by the community, video game remakes are sometimes also called fan games and can be seen as part of the retrogaming phenomenon."

This is from your wikipedia link. Did you even bother to read it?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is close adaption modernized for newer hardware and newer audiences. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is NOT adapted from an earlier game, IT IS an an edition/update of an earlier game, remastered for newer hardware. The gameplay, story, voice work, and design remain unchanged and unmodernized.

Also from Wikipedia "Remastering a video game is more difficult than remastering a film or music recording because the video game's graphics show their age.[13] This can be due to a number of factors, notably lower resolutions and less complicated rendering engines (usually 3D) at the time of release, while implementing newer graphical technologies may also change the gameplay."

However, this definition does fit Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. It covers both your key points: new graphics and new engine.

If you're going to come at someone pompously and trollishly, it's best not to own yourself in the process. And if you really have the audacity to say that your going to attack and kill someone on a hill, do so with something a little more credible than Wikipedia, and if Wikipedia is your sword, best to make it one you're not going to trip and fall on. 

Also, now that I've taken you to school, learn how to read: Xenoblade Definitive EDITION, Final Fantasy REMAKE.

Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD are remaster, then why not Xenoblade HD?