DonFerrari said:

You are making a ludicrous case.

If Sony hired people to do it then it isn't a fan made product, period.

You claimed that people would been buying dreams because of these levels and can't prove so you are changing the goalpost on it, ok.

You also claimed that if Dreams was available on Switch they wouldn't have ordered the takedown. Then just ignored the scenario of someone making Mario inside Lego game available on Switch, and you know it would be ordered take down because that is how Nintendo do. They are much more strict than any other IP holder

I am making examples to why the rule exists. Sony doesn't have to pay someone, they can keep it on the downlow and have people make Mario games in Dreams so you wont have to buy a Nintendo system to play Mario games. If you want to create Mario games than Nintendo has a perfect game for that and that's called Mario Maker.

I am not claiming any one is buying a PS4 or Dreams because of the Mario games in Dreams, I am claiming it only benefits Sony and PlayStation and an exclusive that's not on a Nintendo system.

I don't understand how you guys can compare Lego Worlds to Dreams.

1) Dreams is made by a competitor company, Lego Worlds is not.

2) Dreams is an exclusive to a competitor platform, Lego Worlds is on the Switch.

3) Sony profits when Dreams sells copies, Nintendo gains nothing.

4) Lego Worlds you cannot create actual Mario, like you can in Dreams, You can only make characters in shape of Lego.

5) Doesn't Nintendo have a sponsorship with the Lego brand?

Bottom line is Nintendo doesn't give a crap about the Sony fanbase or its games. If Dreams was on the Switch and Nintendo has access to the content in Dreams than MAYBE it wont be as bad as an idea however that's only speculation, Nintendo don't want Sony to have Mario period, or any other Nintendo owned IPs used. Its why no Sony characters are in Smash Bros and no Nintendo characters are in PS All Stars.

Also Minecraft has a Nintendo Pack exclusive to Nintendo, its not even available on the Xbox version.. and MS own Minecraft.

Its why many people agree on Nintendo taking them down, Sony want to have exclusive games than you have to pay the penalty when things like these happen.