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ArchangelMadzz said:
Mr Puggsly said:

To the contrary I think just about any 8th gen game could achieve 4K/120 fps on Series S.

I mean Gears 5 became 4K/60 fps with room to spare for Ultra settings. It could likely hit 4K/120 fps with X1 graphics settings. MS said they also want to achieve 4K/120 fps in MP.

Depends entirely on graphics quality.

4K/120fps in maxed out ray tracing metro exodus is a different beast to 4k/120fps in a small studio game.

Even an RTX Titan has almost no AAA titles maxed out or nearly maxed at 4k with 120fps.

It's that very reason why I bought a 1440p monitor at 144hz, cause I would enjoy that more than 4K at 60 even though my GPU is capable of that.

I set the bar at 8th gen console graphics. PCs running 8th gen era games with maxed out graphics and ray tracing is something else.

Assuming the Series X is truly running Gears 5 at 4K/60 fps with Ultra settings. Gears 5 could likely run 4K/120 fps with X1 graphics settings.

I'm really just pointing out achieving 4K/120 fps can still result in impressive looking games. However, I can't imagine this exclusive project from an indie studio is going to be impressive unless MS is funding it.

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