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curl-6 said:
S.Peelman said:

But that's just how the universe works though.

Nah, Winter ends on the last day of of August, that's how we do things Down Under. :P

I guess the neatness of three calendar months per season is just so much tidier than the whole "Winter ends on a random day mid-month" thing.

Hopefully the studio don't mean Winter by Southern Hemisphere reckoning though, or the game still has 5+ months to go... XD

Normally I wouldn't care about a remake of an old game, but it's gotten the point where finding a disc of the original game that's not deteriorated to the point of being unplayable makes the real thing rather a hassle nowadays.

Heh, granted I didn't think of winter on the southern hemisphere being in the opposite season, so there's that. I can't help but say though, it doesn't end at a "random" day mid-month though, but I guess you know that. Full calendar months would indeed be more convenient.

I was just joking anyway lol.