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Shadow1980 said:
curl-6 said:

By the last year of the 90s the transition to 3D was complete and we had the Dreamcast and games like Soul Calibur, as well as stuff like Half Life on the PC. F-Zero X on the N64 holds up really well too I think due to being one of the few 3D games of its generation to hit 60fps.

Yeah, F-Zero X was a good one. Getting it to run at a steady 60 fps was a hell of an accomplishment. The vehicles and tracks weren't very detailed, an obvious sacrifice to get the frame rate up high, but the simplicity does help it age somewhat better than most other old 3D games.

And I completely forgot about the Dreamcast releasing in 1999. Soul Calibur is probably the best fighting game ever. I played the hell out of it for months on end, well into 2000.

Yeah I agree, the simple visuals that allowed it to hit 60fps also mean its aged better as a result of looking less cluttered. Framerate is really crucial to how well a game ages I find; 60fps will always feel smooth even after the polygons and textures are dated. Meanwhile, games that are cutting edge but drop below 30fps tend to play like shit once technology moves on.

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