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curl-6 said:
Hiku said:

Well especially if you'e not interested in some of their biggest franchises, it's hard to expect any one single company to keep you entertained consistently.
I don't know what your financial situation is like or your taste in games in general, but have you considered getting an additional system if possible? Everyone is different, but I've literally never not had an interesting game to play or look forward to since I was old enough to purchase games myself.

I have other systems, (I'd go insane if I didn't) just not current ones. I've considered getting a PS4 or Xbox One but they just don't excite me and the last time I talked myself into buying a system I wasn't enthusiastic about (3DS) I ended up regretting it.

I don't expect Nintendo alone to put out enough first party games to keep me constantly sustained, but third parties are also refusing to give any release dates; Doom Eternal, Outer Worlds, and Blair Witch are all confirmed for Switch and on my to-buy list, but they won't say when they're coming.

At this point it's less a matter of "I have nothing to play", and more "I need something concrete feel good about for the future, to look forward to."

Fuck, I'm sorry guys, I had a meltdown. I'm just so damn tired and beaten down from the constant, endless stress with no end in sight. I just feel so terrible all the time, and having a cool new game announced or one I want dated would've helped so much.

No, I feel it Curl. I really could use a Direct right now and it has been unusually long. Nothing would make this easier than having some glimpses of future projects to discuss.

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