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d21lewis said:
Already have the PSVR and Oculus Go. Both on day one.

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding compelling new software for both. Guess I'll just play what I already have.

I have PSVR and a Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset for PC. I have the same issue. Lots of appetizers, but no main course.

Luckily we just got Half-Life Alyx on PC, and it is delivering the goods. Fisrt full on AAA title I have played in VR. It has the visuals, the gameplay, the full length campaign, and full on AAA production values. This will be a landmark title for VR.

Now I am just hoping Marvel's Iron Man VR can deliver a great capper for PSVR on PS4. Then I am ready to see what devs can do with PSVR on PS5. Really hoping Sony will start to do some select AAA VR titles sooner than later. 

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