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This is less of a news story and more just a personal thing, but a 5 years ago I dated a wonderful girl who was going through a very difficult time.

She's autistic like me, and she was battling severe depression, alcoholism and self-harm, (as I myself have also done in the past) and actually tried to kill herself a few times. She was so fragile she could barely leave her house and me and her family were scared she wouldn't make it.

That same girl recently started a full time job, got her driver's license, lives in her own place, and hasn't touched alcohol or harmed herself in years.

It is truly amazing how far she has come and I'm so proud of her, it really goes to show that even the darkest times eventually pass and human beings can overcome the most harrowing difficulties and rise above them.

She is, by the way, the one raising the baby Kangaroo. 

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