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Chicho said:

whats the point of releasing a weaker console than the Xbox one X for a higher price. Lockhart has to be at leat a bit more powerfull than xbox one X

the 4+ Tflops of a RDNA 2, is probably abit better than the XBox One X's 6 Tflops, in terms of actual performance.

Think of it like this:

AMD radeon VII (13,4 Tflops) (gcn) is actually abit slower than a 5700 XT (9,74 Tflops)

~27% less Tflops, same or more performance on the RDNA1 card.

RDNA 2 (supposedly) makes another jump like that.
So you could well see 4Tflops of the Lockhart, be as fast as the xbox one X.

Then you factor in the SSD, Faster Ram, Beefy CPU the lockhard has.... Xbox One X is gonna likely run games worse than Lockhart.


Right now Xbox One X is selling for 499$.
Soon it ll probably be 300$ or under (for a new model) (until they clear stocks).