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d21lewis said:
SvennoJ said:
I still need to continue with the first one, just can't get into it. It's beautiful to look at, but while playing I quickly get bored. It's a shame, the art style is very pretty.

I couldn't get into that one until I got the upgraded version. Even then I had it for maybe a year on my HDD before finally committing to it. It had some weird mechanics at first but after a short while, it clicked. Had to get used to creating my own respawn points. Wound up being one of my all time absolute favorite game experiences.

I'm a little intimidated by the sequel because I know how complex it will get and how frustrating (yet satisfying) some moments in the first game were but stick with it. You're doing yourself a disservice if you're any type of Metroidvania or Hollow Knight fan.

I have the definitive edition installed on my SSD for well over a year (actually longer, was on my old laptop first). Time played 4 hours. The problem is, I'm not that much of a Metroidvania fan and Hollow knight never interested me. These kind of games either click early for me or not at all. Perhaps I get bored enough in the coming weeks to start it from scratch again. The problem with trying to pick it up again later is having no clue how it worked anymore, yet starting over feels like retreating old ground.