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I do think it's hard to compare the two consoles as they obviously have totally different strategies behind them. Series X has a very straightforward design with a bit more raw power that is build to scale well with pc's and Xcloud. Sony on the other hand put a lot more focus on their SSD tech, which they believe will revolutionize level design and isn't even available on pc at this time.

In the end it's up to developers to use both consoles to its fullest potential. However, the key difference is that the design philosophy behind Series X is that their exclusives also have to run on low-end pc's. Meaning the games will be less ambitious but probably all run at native 4k/ 60fps (or even 120fps). Sony's exclusives on the other hand will likely focus more on their SSD tech and will try to deliver completely new game experiences that wouldn't be possible on a low end pc, and with much less of a focus on native 4k. We will see how that will compare but imo Sony's approach sounds a lot more exciting than just native 4k and a high fps.

Check out MS's GDC stream and their vision for Series X and xcloud (skip to 2:12) :

Last edited by goopy20 - on 20 March 2020