This reminds me an awful lot of the time we had the horrendous DX 10, and MS then over time, proceeded to update us to DX 10.1. DX 12 has gone pretty badly for me since it's release. I've tried many a game that's offered it, and in turn it's given me worse performance that simply using DX 11. Game mode didn't really do much for me either.

I just feel like these "game" OS updates do more harm to my gameplay performance than than any good they could possibly do. Also doesn't help that this new DX version is limited to the current RTX lineup, which costs an arm & leg for. Would have been nice to have this sorted out for the 1000 series, because I'm waiting on the 3000 series, and tbh, this "in-between" update just feels like it's going to be naff for me, for when I do update to the 3000 series. 

I want to be hopeful, but MS has screwed things up for me in the past, numerous times, to a point where I've lost faith in their OS "game" updates. Would have been stellar, had they got this working for my 1080ti, and not have it screwed over. 

You know what I'd like to see a unification of?: Vulkan support, instead of being locked to a single card series (of course NV would be delighted, because they want everyone selling their souls for their expensive RTX line, and ignoring anything before it).

Last edited by Chazore - on 20 March 2020