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CaptainExplosion said:
curl-6 said:

A friend of mine rescued a live baby from the pouch of a Kangaroo killed by a car and is raising it. The little guy is doing great so far.

Good idea, done! 

Aww, the pictures won't load. :(

Businesses are giving away their excess toilet paper for anyone who needs it.

IKEA donates all it's face masks to a Swedish hospital.

Scientists can now accelerate COVID-19 testing by screening multiple samples at once.

Celebrities who donated their time and money to fight the virus and it's impact.

Anonymous love letters lifting the spirits of anyone signed in on this website.

Penguins go on a little field trip during their aquarium's shut down.

Charles Barkley holding an auction to fund affordable housing in his hometown.

Dammit for some reason image sharing always fucks up for me on this site. XD

Anyone know an image hosting site that's free and actually works?