V-r0cK said:
JRPGfan said:
Used to love bleach... but at some point near the end, things just went a wrong turn, and series fell off.
(so I havnt even gotten say the last ~10-15% of the story)

This is more of a but why? thingy to me.

Same deal with naruto.... used to love it, but story went bad, and they used so many fillers.... just never finished that either.
Some of these popular animes where fine when you were a kid, but now? I dont think they have aged all that well.

Have you read the manga as well for Bleach and Naruto?

Yeah with naruto / bleach, at some point they both caught up to the manga, and so both had fillers.
Thats right round when I stopped watching the animes of both I think? maybe I gave bleach abit more effort.

However story wise, both didnt end on a high note imo.
Eventually I dropped the manga's too.


If it comes back, I ' ll be willing to give it a try anew.
(not rewatching bleach (ive forgotten too much of story at this point, and not doing a full rewatch))

I remember I had a man crush on Kenpachi Zaraki :) that dude was awesome.

^ badass.

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