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Cerebralbore101 said:
PC has had access to SSD for something like 10 years. I'm sure a lot of PC games are already capable of taking advantage of you having an M.2 drive. But this high speed SSD being in PS5 will pretty much standardize taking advantage of faster SSD for all games on PS5 and PC. So it should be exciting times.

I'm kind of afraid of the HD trying to make up for limited RAM like it did last gen. That tends to make consoles age poorly. If RAM requirements of PC games balloon into 32 GB, the shared VRAM and RAM of PS5 will not be enough. Series X would be even worse off. Then they'd leverage the SSD speed in PS5. But overall that would make both Series X and PS5 age terribly. Unlikely scenario, but just a thought.

Not really, Cause many people have slow hard drives on their PC, or SATA SSD's (like me) they still have to design basically every PC game around slower hardware.

So games out on PC will either start having SSD Speed requirements, or corners and weird level designs to accomodate slow speed will have to be made. PS5 Exclusives on the other hand, all the chains will be off.

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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