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I've finished the game now thanks to gamepass and I'm surprised it worked this well on my very low powered PC - the only issues I had were extended loading freezes (thankfully infrequent) and (pretty frequent) audio bugs in cutscenes. It took me ~ 19h to explore almost 100% of the map and do almost all quests.

I think it's a very good game, but some of the chase sequences (especially the one in the desert) are infuriating trial and error fests and always reset you to the start upon death (very much like in the first game) .. and while the game looks marvelous overall I think those chases actually aren't as visually compelling as in the first one, maybe due to their frantic speed.

Outside of those rare and short sequences the game is thankfully pretty forgiving and gives you the optional tripple jump fairly early on aswell as dozens of other movement abilities and lots of health extenders, so that the platforming became manageable even for ppl with lower than average platforming skills, like me.