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I think some of the unannounced games’ release dates or windows might’ve changed due to the virus. Analysts mentioned that upcoming titles for 2020 might get affected because of all this.

The Outer Worlds port was delayed due to Virtuos Games, a Chinese developer that is developing the port, had to hold off in order to protect its staff. This was back in early February.

I can see that Nintendo’s devs that were planning to release games this year had to be aware of the virus building up as it transitioned from China to other parts of Asia, especially Japan.

Hell, Sakurai just said in his latest column (which is written bi-weekly so there’s a timing in all of this) that he had to hold off giving presentations to developers involved in Fighter Pass Vol. 2. So basically there may be a delay in releasing one or some of the fighters in the upcoming pass. Maybe not the first fighter but likely the other 5 fighters.