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curl-6 said:
SpokenTruth said:

We were told to expect 2 Nintendo Directs this month. An indie focused ND before Animal Crossing released and a major retail ND focused ND a week after. The Nindie Direct happened yesterday. Patience, fellas.

We were also told to expect 2 Directs in Feb,that didn't happen. 

I mean, i'm fairly sure we're going to get a direct next week or sometime this month after that Nindie prediction, but regardless you kind of indirectly pointed out something that I think needs to be brought up. When people say "we were told to expect 2 Nintendo Directs this month", what they really mean is, the leaker community which at best has a 50/50 record on being correct (and that's even too high) told us to maybe possibly get a direct this one, then another one after that. But don't worry, if they're wrong it's just the sources fault, not theirs! 

I don't want Nintendo to announce directs long in advance, I like the style they go for as is, but I also don't think ambiguous direct statements from third party sources should be used to reassure people, either. It's ridiculous. I never would have in my life guessed that a general direct for the Switch would land in late March, yet here we are. At some point, accepting rumors because of conventional wisdom just totally fails, and even when rumors make sense they are often wrong. 

Bottom line: Rumors are not a counter-argument against concerns about lack of information. In fact, they kind of prove the concern further!