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src said:
> Claims Xbox comes close to PS in first party GOTY
> PS destroys Xbox by hundreds of awards
> Then claims that only the awards he picks count
> PS still destroys Xbox over 20+ years.

Poor guy can't even comprehend how behind Xbox is lol

Funny Because no where in my posts am i denying it. I just love how we went from comparing UC4 v OW to PS has more GOTY than Xbox. 

What next, you want to compare controller sales in this debate too?

Keep moving them, you seem very good at it.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Phil clearly shifted the goal post when Xbox started losing.

You aren't just claiming that you don't need a console to make a fortune in gaming. You are claiming that getting rid of exclusives, and selling your games on all platforms will make more money in the long run, than using exclusives to push console sales.

And we already had that argument. I showed that using exclusives to move more consoles makes way more money in the long run due to console royalty fees paid by 3rd party publishers, as well as PS+/XBL fees.

Phil shifted the goal posts because the entire Xbox brand decided to change thier entire gaming strategy even before the X1 launched. Maybe you have been under a rock.

Also companies make more money via digital than physical because digital media removes the middle man. There is a major reason why Xbox went the PC route and no different to why Sony is testing the waters as well. Horizon is confirmed for PC and not just on PSNow, its coming to Steam. Why would they do that if exclusives are so important as you make them out to be? Because its money.

Hardware costs billions in RnD, the less a company produces the less they lose as consoles are sold at a lost for many years before they make it back. Digital media there is no loss. Its all gain and something MS has realised long ago. Iv been saying it for years and companies are doing exactly that.

If exclusives mean that much than why would MS put there games on PC and Switch? Why is Minecraft still a thing on PS? Serious question.