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As we're heading into the next generation of consoles the only thing that we seem to be able to discuss right now is the specifications of each console.  For many here on this site, and in the gaming community at large, this can be much ado about nothing, but for many, many folks here at VGC, this stuff seems to be as interesting as the games themselves.

So the question in this thread is how into specs are you, what got you excited about the hardware aspects of systems, and how has this influenced your gaming tastes over the years?  Do you prefer always to go with the best specs (by your opinion) when playing a console, or do you just like to discuss and consider the components in a mathematical and philosophical way.

I'm sure much of this thread, like all of the threads of this nature, will end up going over my head, but I'm very curious in a meta way about the folks here who love to discuss the nuts and bolts behind the magic that is videogames and their respective mechanical systems.