I expect nothing more than the specs. We almost 100% won't see the console itself. Just the tech stuff. In case of PS5 I'm more interested in what Sony has to offer in terms of RAM and storage. I think MS will have upperhand in CPU and GPU power because they already set a high bar for the console with what they announced. But on RAM and storage front, I think that Series X is a bit underwhelming so it would be interesting to see if Sony can offer something better here.

Runa216 said:
JEMC said:
Well, I hope they disclose the specs so we can compare both consoles, and know which are their strengths and weakness.

why, though? Xbox One X didn't make people flock to that console, so why would it matter here? PS4 and Xbox One had virtually identical specs at launch and both sold similar numbers over the first month or so, it wasn't until the disparity between games became evident that PS4 really pulled ahead. 

First month sales don't mean a thing in terms of a certain console reception. You know, Xbox One sold better in the week when One X than PS4 when PS4 Pro launched. And it was already after "disparity between games became evident" and PS4 dominated the market. First month sales are front loaded by loyal brand fans, they never reflect general public opinion.