Runa216 said:
JEMC said:
Well, I hope they disclose the specs so we can compare both consoles, and know which are their strengths and weakness.

why, though? Xbox One X didn't make people flock to that console, so why would it matter here? PS4 and Xbox One had virtually identical specs at launch and both sold similar numbers over the first month or so, it wasn't until the disparity between games became evident that PS4 really pulled ahead. 

Because those will be the base models that will set the bar of what can be expect from their developments. We'll get an idea of what kinds of troubles will devs face when working with them (will one have more RAM? Faster CPU or more powerful GPU?, etc.) and if we should expect noticeable differences between the ports of the same game on both consoles (higher and/or more constant resolution and FPS).

Plus, until next games start to be shown, that all we'll have to discuss.

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