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Guys I'm gonna make a new final prediction for PS5 that nobody DARES to make

CPU: Zen2, 8core, 16thread - 3.2Ghz
GPU: 40CU, 2.15ghz, 11tf (full chip has 44CU's), 576GB/s memory speed on 256-bit bus
Storage: NVMe 1TB, 2.5GB/s speed
Ram: 16GB Vram + 4GB ddr4

As I was so close for XsX I thought I make another as the PS5 still hasn't leaked, this was my latest prediction for XsX

"Xbox S X: 12TF GPU (1803mhz, 52CU), 16GB Vram 320bit bus, 560GB/S Memory bandwidth, $500

They all will have 8Core zen2 CPU and 1TB SSD at NVMe speed. The GPU will be custom RDNA1 and they be using tsmc 7nm EUV."

6x master league achiever in starcraft2

Beaten Sigrun on God of war mode

Beaten DOOM ultra-nightmare with NO endless ammo-rune, 2x super shotgun and no decoys on ps4 pro.

1-0 against Grubby in Wc3 frozen throne ladder!!