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VAMatt said:
I am amazed that this Kojima dude is still able to work. His games are mostly mediocre sellers, and he spends tons of money and takes tons of time to get them there. He has been involved in a few big hits, so I guess that's enough to secure a place in the industry forever.

But the Metal Gear games have all sold well, and they all came out in a decent time frame aside from MGS5 due to them making the Fox engine and the game simultaneous.

Metal Gear 1 to 2 was 3 years

MGS 1 to 2 was 3 years

MGS 2 to 3 was 3 years

MGS 3 to 4 was 4 years

MGS 4 to Peace Walker was 2 years

Peace Walker to MGS 5 was 5 years

While he was also the producer for the other Metal Gear spin offs, the Boktai games, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow at the same time he was directing the other games. And than we have Death Stranding which only took 3 years of development despite having to build a new studio, hire people and learn and help improve the Decima engine with a staff of 100 people which isn't exactly huge for an open world game.

Last edited by Decker - on 15 March 2020