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With the direction Sony is going, I don't even the PS4 hitting 10 million, let alone the PS5.

Playstation consoles in Japan are hitting a decline, while the PS5 will for sure get titles like Monster Hunter World 2 and Final Fantasy Vii Remake Part 2 that will sale a lot of systems, its gonna be a massive up hill battle as Sony continues to more and more focus on the west. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5's first week sales in Japan are lower then that of the PS4's first week sales in Japan.

Wyrdness said: I don't see PS5 hitting 10m in Japan tbh the current era now pretty much goes against it with the declining sales with not much else that sways the region to stop that, FFVIIR won't give as much a boost as people think and even then it will be for like one week then it's back to square one the other games don't really interest Japanese gamers that much to cause any kind of stir while Sony aren't looking like they'll cut the price at this point it'll require more than a price cut regardless as the issue is more underlying than that the platform just isn't appealing as much to the region as people expected after PS5 releases the weekly sales will drop even more meaning any legs would have to put in even more work and I don't see it having enough time to make up for the drop.

With Animal Crossing having its third week on the market, and the coronavirus overall impact on the market, I would not be shocked in the least if the week FFVii released the PS4 is still not at the number 1 spot, considering Final Fantasy seems to be one of those Japanese series that are in a sales wise decline over in Japan.