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src said:
Marth said:
I wish Sony had cut the price last year.
Would have been a good time and increased the baseline a bit more.

But they are insisting on the current pricepoint and will probably keep it into the next gen.

Makes no financial sense. PS4 is making Sony billions at the current margins. Money is needed for the launch of new hardware. PS4 is already on a trajectory to sell 120-130 million.

No need to cut price and loose money just to gain a slight percent of usebrase on an old system. PS4 will get a cut if Sony finds better margins (they might have) or if they want to put it out as a low cost alternative to PS5.

Farsala said:

Yep, imo, there is no chance the PS4 gets a price cut now and thus PS4's higher sales predictions are fairly delusional.

There is nothing delusional about 9.5 million being the PS4 LTD. 

9.5m isn't the higher sales predictions...