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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Pinkie_pie said:

i was thinking tlou2 will boost ps4 everywhere including japan simply because it will be by far the biggest title to release on ps4. i may have over exaggerated its boost for ps4 but im still confidently ps4 will sell at least 20k when tlou2 releases. what do you think ff7 remake will do for the ps4? im thinking at least 50k

Tlou2 may be the biggest game, how many will buy the console just for that game who didn't buy it already for the first one? Probably not too many, as most people interested into that game already own the console to play the predecessor.

Maybe a few who played the ps3 version waiting for it to release to buy a ps4? We know for sure sony will market the hell out of it so people who thinking about buying a ps4 might be interested even though they havent played the 1st yet