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Signalstar said:
Strong PS4 sales for a 6 year old console on the verge of being replaced.

I was going to say something similar but it appears to be controversial as it doesn't feed the narrative that's being used on this site. Whether they're 40% down or 30% YoY or whatever the case is they are lower than last gen as this time and apparently that's all that matters. How dare anyone say anything positive about a 6 year old + console. Even though PS4/X1 is still 13 million units higher launch aligned with PS3/X360 according to this sites "estimates". Then again these estimates are highly questionable as of late in the last few months. Estimates such as randomly adjusting down PS4's 2017 (Sony confirmed 20.2M) year numbers to make it look like Switch outsold its peak year. That along with having to adjust down Switch in the millions after this past Christmas as well as having to adjust PS4 up by 1 Million in June of 2019. It's pretty obvious whatever tracking method being used on this site is highly inaccurate as of late. Even still the PS4 is selling fine at this point in its lifecycle for its price and still has great exclusives lined up over the next 3 months that will surely cause a bump regardless of “40% down”.