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Radek said:
Vertigo-X said:

Lol yeah. It's like

"Xbox sucks! PS4 is already beating it by over 2x but I want it to be more like PS2 vs XB when it was more like 6x! Then we can forget that Sony really f*cked up with PS3 and say that they're back!"

As though it validates their bias.

Sony fucked up PS3 launch, but started one of the greatest comebacks in history since 2009 with PS3 Slim and amazing games, so it was selling faster than Xbox 360 ever since 2009 and eventually outsold Xbox 360 worldwide in 2013. 

On the other hand where is Xbox One's comeback? (107 mil vs 45 mil)

Yeah, it didn't have a comeback, that's why they are focused on next gen and 12 Tflops already and bought many studios that will only have their games ready for next gen not for One.

I mean just compare 2020 Xbox One's Lineup to PS4's... or even 2018 and 2019 for that matter.

Thanks for simultaneously both missing and proving my point! :lmao:

The BuShA owns all!