sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

Again ..nothing I say will change your mind and what you keep saying just sounds like wishful thinking to me. All we can do is wait.

And yet this thread was made despite only having speculation. Users like zero and myself merely responding to negative and arguable speculation, just like users like you can respond to my speculation. 

It's not speculation when everything I said were just quotes from Phil Spencer. These are all facts

  • MS wants to be the netflix of gaming and says we won't be playing on dedicated consoles/ pc anymore in about 10 years time.
  • MS Does not care if you buy the Series X as they can reach their business goal regardless, which is building GP subscibers for their glorious Cloud future 
  • They want to reach as broad a audience as possible with GP and are therefore making all their 1st party games cross-gen and scalable across their family of devices

The only thing we don't know with 100% certainty is how the games will scale. But using the lowest common tech denominator makes the most sense if they are aiming to reach as many gamers as possible. That's also just a scientific fact. Unless, of course, they are planning to sell 100m Series X's and sell it for $399. So maybe we should just wait till they announce a price, because then things will probably become a lot more clearer.

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