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Mnementh said:

In a time when billionaires can cry over the wealth tax on live TV (while nobody would ever give the same platform to a homeless or a person without health insurance), it is nice if someones takes apart all the lies that are floated, to defend the riches of the 1%. Robert Reich took on the task in a as I think very interesting video:

I haven't watched the video (as I'm not in a position to do so at the moment), but heavy taxation against the rich is a band-aid solution for a bygone era; society can do better in 2020. It's similar to the government mandated minimum wage, we have it, it shouldn't be necessary.

What society should strive for is an economy that works for everyone. It should be incapable of producing these insane share hogs in the first place.

In my opinion, a system that balances the ownership of the means of production and wages for each and every employee makes for a happier environment, and one which should increase productivity. A large scale company where CEO's and boards are selected from the interests of a handful of people for their personal benefit isn't helpful to the working class of that same corporation, or their families, or the consumers of their products. Society as a whole can function with any manner of economy, but the hard capitalist economy is not ideal for the majority of people.

Plus, such an economy gives an easier time of convincing people of the dedication of resources to worthy and necessary projects (be they environmental cleanup, or simple infrastructure maintenance of upgrades).

Just my two cents.

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