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HoloDust said:
JEMC said:

But wouldn't the teleportation be harder to get used than the old walking way? I haven't tried VR, but isn't it already hard enough to get used to "be" the camera to add, on top of that, the fact that you're in one place and, one moment later, you're on another one, having to stop for a second to realize where you are, where are you facing and where are the enemies?

No, I think locomotion should be easier for those new to VR.

Big NO - easiest route to get to call it a quits on VR is getting right into it with usual free moving controls and getting motion sickness after minute or two. Start with teleportation, then work your way up - I hooked few people (both gamers and nongamers) on VR via Arizona Sunshine coop mode, and no one had issues with teleportation whatsoever.

Ok, ok! I'll have to believe you two.

Please excuse my bad English.

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