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Peh said:
JEMC said:

But wouldn't the teleportation be harder to get used than the old walking way? I haven't tried VR, but isn't it already hard enough to get used to "be" the camera to add, on top of that, the fact that you're in one place and, one moment later, you're on another one, having to stop for a second to realize where you are, where are you facing and where are the enemies?

No, I think locomotion should be easier for those new to VR.

Actually, the teleportation is not an issue, at all. Some relatives which are way older tried out VR at my place and they had no orientation issues with it. You get used to that really fast and don't feel disoriented. But personally, the teleportation removes some of the immersion, thus I prefer smooth movement.

Locomotion has one downside at first for newcomers. It can make you sick. That happens when 2 of your senses, one is your eyes and the other one is inside your ears receive different informations and push that info to your brain for validation, it will go into emergency mode for possible poisoning via stomach. 

Thus, you should slowly go into locomotion and teach you brain, that this is a normal experience. Some people call it, to develop VR legs. Doing locomotion from time to time, you will not have any issues, at all. There will still be moments where even I feel sick after a lot of hours in VR. That's when the camera moves on it's own without you giving any input. 

Well, I'll have to take your word on this.

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