Leynos said:
When games become all cloud and publishers can take them down anytime they want and have full control. There is no craft anymore. It's just disposable marketable digital playgrounds designed purely around making money by nickel and diming. People will not appreciate a craft anymore esp as there will be none, but even for the few that are a work of craftsmanship, it won't matter. Just treat it as something disposable. Nothing will be valued anymore. I will not part take in that "future"

Odd comment. Video games are designed for entertainment and fun, not value. 

I play games for the fun factor, not how much is this game going to be worth in 10 years time or if developers value there work anymore because of streaming/digital etc.

Dont get me wrong, i still enjoy collecting phyiscal media however a good game is a good game regardless how it's played.