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CarcharodonKraz said:
curl-6 said:

Well, both games are out now in Australia/New Zealand/Europe, and tomorrow in America, for those who are interested.

Also DF did a really interesting interview with the devs where they talk about how they got the PS4/Xbone version running on the Switch hardware:

There's a ton of footage up on youtube by now and I must see it looks really, really good.

If you haven't played the Metro games before I highly recommend them, they offer a very unique and atmospheric experience that's a lot more intelligent than your average shooter.

I hane not. And im kinda feelin a shooter. An open world action game could really hit the spot to tho. Ill probably either pick up this or saints row 4 or finally get to shqdows of the damned after I. Eat darksiders 2 next month.

Out of those two, I'd really recommend Metro over Saint's Row if you're gonna get the latter on Switch, Saint's Row the Third was a really terrible port on Switch which doesn't bode well for 4.

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