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How is this even a question? 80s easy. The best franchises and sequels to the most schlocky and B budgets films to the best horror remake of all time with The Thing. Slasher films. Horror comedy. Serious horrors like Aliens. Using practical effects. Practical effects are like Pizza. Even bad they have their charm. When great nothing is better and again I point to The Thing. Tom Savini. Rick Baker. Stan Winston and more. The greatest minds to ever work with practical effects. It's the most iconic era as well. Horror had so much range then more than ever. You can like other decades more,that's fine but to choose anything but the're wrong. The 70s may have given birth to the slasher flick but 80s gave it life. 70s had some good stuff but most of it was forgettable. 80s gave us everything from Aliens/The Thing to Friday the 13th to Freddy to Ghostbusters/Monster Squad to The Gate and Ghost Story plus so much more.

Last edited by Leynos - on 25 February 2020

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