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aikohualda said:
Zelda:BOTW, SSBU, and pokemon (the most likely to cross the 5 mil after MK) will really cross 25 mil though???? I am not very optimistic esp zelda and ssbu.

Pokemon SwSh is less likely to cross the 25 mil mark than BOTW and SSBU. 

Why is pokemon less likely to hit 25 mil? Last nintendo shipment update to dec 31 had SSBU at 17.68M  BOTW at 16.34M and Pokemon SW/SH at 16.06

Pokemon was the last to release and is almost catching up to the others. In the Famitsu numbers it has outsold the other two in january and february so at least in japan is still selling faster and if the ww numbers are similar in ratio it should be above zelda in the next update.